What we provide

Adacte  was excited to launch a number of new services in 2016, informed by the findings of our mapping and consultation exercise ‘See the Black’ operation which was conducted in 2015.

See the Black has helped us to assess what mental health service users in the London area felt were the greatest areas of unmet need.  The top themes mentioned by participants of the study were:

  • Information, advice, signposting
  • Building relationships
  • And ‘more of everything!’

As you will see, these themes have directly influenced the services we now provide, and the projects we will be involved in.

Our services:

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Information Service
  • Support Groups
  • Counselling

What other services do we provide?

  • Challenging Discrimination at work
  • Now you can ask Sabih online
  • What’s inside the Box of Delights
  • Introducing the hopes ChestCreating a website