Peer mentoring

The peer mentoring project recruits and trains mental health service users to become volunteer mentors to other mental health service users with shared experiences. The inspiration to provide this service was influenced by the outcomes of our ‘See the Black’ consultation with service user in the London area in 2015.  Service users reported a need to talk with people who had had similar experiences to themselves. The report identified a gap in mental health services that Mind in London felt it could provide, and we successfully secured funding from the Department of Health Opportunities for Volunteering scheme administered by national See the Black.If you or someone you know  are interested in having a mentor, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of adacte in London on 07427617447

Please continue to support Adacte by providing us the manpower and finance in order for us to operate and continue to work to tacklea lot of problems people today suffer, such as bullying in workplace or being discriminated at workplace or school for your background,gender,  color,  or even age. We’re an organisation that not only support the victim but also stop discrimination at every path.

For more information about volunteering for this project, please go to our contact page and support an request to join us, however in order to join you’d have to pass certain requirements.

Peer Mentoring Project

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